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What are the Crime City Game Rules? As far as players are concerned, there is only one rule and that is to stay tough and smart all throughout the gameplay. Its main concept is about mafia war so expect your rivals to be notorious with mad criminal minds.

That’s right. You must have the heart of a gangster in order to succeed in your jobs. Anyway, Funzio has updated the game rules so you might want to consider these pointers before you continue on establishing your criminal empire:

  • Skill points are still present – You can convert these to energy, health and stamina but you can no longer use it to attack and defend your hood or territory. Because you can’t use it anymore to protect your business establishments such as your coffee shop and laundromat, reserve your skills points for stock energy. Remember that you need lots of energy in order to accomplish tasks. Almost every activity that you are going to do needs you to be completely energized. You need it when you rob your enemies, when you fight with them, when breaking in apartments, and when rescuing your girlfriend. Hence, do not ignore opportunities of obtaining skill points whenever possible.
  • Attack and defense items – In the latest version of Crime City, you need to purchase items from the store menu in order to maximize protection for your hood. Some of the must-haves that you need to buy include cars, armored bank transport, avenger, nitro, Santa sleigh, sentry gatling gun, rapid fire chain gun, night vision, anti air missile launcher, deviant rifle, deviant rocket launcher, under boss rocket launcher, dual machine gun, AT4 rocket launcher, armored sentry guard, exoskeleton, mechanical suit and military body armor. These are the best weapons and vehicles in the store.
  • Energy – In the past, energy is used for lots of purposes. Now, you can only use it for accomplishing job missions. But you are no longer allowed to use it for robbing your enemies and for fighting your rivals.
  • Stamina and health - You can now use these things to stay strong while performing a job or a task. If you want to refill your stamina/health, simply click on the plus sign on the side of the icon and it will automatically be refilled every 3 minutes until it is fully loaded. Also, it must be taken note that your stamina/health decreases as you fight with stronger enemies. Your stamina points are particularly reduced if you are fighting with god fathers so make sure to allocate your skills points properly according to your style and strategy.
  • Steels and diamonds –  You now have to pay money for collecting these items: (1) condo will reward you 65 steel, (2) French restaurant will give you 60 steel plus 50 respect points, (3) night club will give you 62 steel and 50 respect points, etc.
  • Neighbor – It is still vital to invite friends to your hood to earn more points. Aside from constructing of structures and businesses, focus also on creating connections to establish your crime empire the fastest way possible.

These are the latest Crime City Game Rules. But the bottom line is still the same. Be tough. Be smart. Think like a criminal.


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