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Crime City Best Money BuildingsPlayers often think that the Crime City Best Money Buildings are the ones that are expensive. It’s actually a common misconception. If you just started playing the game, it would be better to purchase the cheaper ones.

One of the best Crime City Best Money Buildings is the Laundromat. If you think about it carefully, with expensive buildings, you have to pay a large initial investment before earning the money that you want. So don’t be too blinded about the earnings of the expensive ones. You might be doing a very huge mistake. You need to stick to the cheap ones such as the Laundromat.

You can easily pay the initial investment of the cheaper buildings. Moreover, these buildings also earn a lot of cash. In the long run, you’ll be earning better profit with cheaper Money Buildings.

Players also have to determine their own playing habits in order to know the Crime City Best Money Buildings for them. Some people can play several times a day, while others check their game once in a few days. Once you have determined your playing habit in Crime City, you will be able to choose the buildings that suit your gaming habits.

Make sure that you don’t just leave buildings at a very low level. You need to invest on upgrading them so that you will earn more money. For more information about the upgrades of money buildings, please visit our Crime City Building Upgrade post.

Other players have shared their preferences about the Crime City Best Money Buildings. Here are some of the things they shared:

  • Upscale Club. This is good for building your earning foundation.
  • Dominican Restaurant. They are not expensive and they don’t take too much space at your hood. Upgrade this to the maximum level and it will be a good investment.
  • House. This is only good at the beginning of the game.

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